Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'll be at Apps Go Global Conference, Ft Mason SF, March 8

Increasingly, I'm hearing from a number of investor types that they'd like to meet & talk shop about the future of venture capital and crowdfunding.  I'll be at Apps Go Global this coming Tuesday, March 8 at Fort Mason in San Francisco.  If you're going, drop me a note -- we can connect there.

Also, I tend to be an excellent startup scout -- I guess a combination of being a many time entrepreneur, a visionary type, and a passion for relentlessly talking to every startup that's willing, gives a person the edge.  If I have a relationship with you, I may send trip reports.  As an example, for LAUNCH, above all the noise of coverage and "best of" awards, here're some that you should be interested in.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Picks from LAUNCH exhibitors floor

I attended LAUNCH in San Francisco (conceived by Jason Calacanis and picks up where he left off with TechCrunch50).  Good show, Jason et al.  There were some really cool startups there.

While many of the suits (investors) were busy watching the entrepreneurs pitch on stage, I did what I love doing -- relentlessly chatting up the entrepreneurs.  Feels like I must have talked with 95% of the exhibitors over two days.  For the benefit of those who couldn't come, here're my picks of budding startups from the trenches (not ones which got a lot of press):

  • Either TopDish or SporkHub.  Dish-resolution Yelp.  It's about time!  Opens up many new possibilities -- I see much more dynamic menus coming, and new restaurants which chose their menus based on cherry-picking these sites.
  • TripBod.  Hook up with local curators/guides for your travels.  Oppty to disrupt the travel industry.  It takes a moment for the market space of this one to set in.  But then it hits you like a ton of bricks!  Those are the best kinds of ideas.  And this is my favorite from the entire conference.
For a fun pick:
  • Zazu.  Wake up to your relevant info aggregated, alarm clock app.
Happy investing.  Let me know if you want picks from future conferences...

Disclosure: no positions