Beyond the Bitcoin Trap: a Crypto Currency for Human 2.0 (new Kindle Short just published)

My new Kindle Short ebook, Beyond the Bitcoin Trap: a Crypto Currency for Human 2.0, is now published.  I think this ebook would be excellent for book discussion groups or as a topic of discussion in modernized economics courses.  Please share a link if you agree.

Here's the ebook's description from Kindle:

Bitcoin's poor design as a currency made it subject to capture by the existing economic system.  In reality, it's a wildly speculative trading vehicle with a currency façade.  Even vendors who "accept bitcoin", never actually see bitcoin in transactions.  Rather, transactors take care of the dirty work of trading bitcoin and providing established money.

There's a much better paradigm for cryptocurrencies, one which is powerful and socio-economically transformative. But we need to design this cryptocurrency from the ground up. This new "crypto" doesn't require being an early adopter or being wealthy. No Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is needed. It's based on renewal and adapts to new people joining the network. And above all, unlike our current zero-sum system of wealth which perpetuates poverty, its design is inherently cooperative. If you'd like to see the future of a cryptocurrency which drives an entirely new economic reality, please enjoy the first of a series which will span many subjects.

The Rapid Insights Series is a series of brief, rapid-fire ebooks, each the synthesis of important and developing trends and ideas from the creative mind of a person who consumes mass quantities of inputs across many categories. These ebooks aim to paint “the big picture” in each area of focus, such that readers can quickly "dial in". Each ebook should be readable in one sitting.