2009: Out with the iPhone, in with the Google phone

The iPhone is an example of a device built to give users what someone else wants to give them. For example, there is no substitute for a tactile keyboard, and the iPhone did not prove an exception. At a party I went to, a half dozen of us were talking about the iPhone, and it only took a minute to work into a group commiseration of the lack of a real keyboard. People hate the on-screen touch keyboard, and hey Apple, can you at least landscape the keyboard in all the important apps, like SMS?

I see iPhone losing its luster, and Android picking up steam for a number of reasons:

  • Android is an open platform
  • Android will run on a myriad of devices, giving people choices to buy one suitable to their needs
  • The very 1st Android platform has a keyboard!
  • Android devices will quickly be adapted to the preferences of users
  • The real money is in Android being a platform to offer targeted search and location based services, so the devices do not have to hold a substantial profit margin
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