Projecting your mobile device, built-in miniature projectors

Want to show a presentation from your mobile device, but don't want to lug your notebook? Or shares some photos or videos with your friends? While you might not expect projection to be possible from a handset device, companies such as Texas Instruments are enabling just that.

TI's DLP Pico projection demonstrated in 2007, appears directed towards an interesting market with its DLP mobile chipset. According to Pacific Media Associates:
“Texas Instruments is making headway in an untapped market and appears to be forging a leadership position. We expect projection within handset devices to start appearing in 2009, in a market where significant volumes are expected over the next five years.”
Projection would be a interesting feature on mobile devices sold to the corporate world. I would think that would be a logical initial market which could absorb the extra costs associated with any newly added premium feature. But there is great follow-through potential in the consumer markets, on handsets and mobile computers alike.

Along with projection integrated into multi-function mobile devices, the market for pocket projectors has arrived. Battery life, typically the bane of one's mobile life, will be a critical element of the success of these products. Or perhaps people will capitulate and carry a small AC adapter with them.

In any case, this is a great space to watch.

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