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50 Trends for 2010 and Beyond. Predictions from

Global warming shifts focus from CO2 to soot. While it's fairly well agreed that CO2 has a warming effect, the frequency absorption effect diminishes for each marginal quantity. Soot has been recognized as a potentially more pressing problem in many recent articles, including those from NASA, Scientific American, BusinessWeek and U.S. News. Soot has a nasty effect of accelerating thawing of ice & snow, as well as inducing precipitation, thus exposing the underlying darker layers to absorb more heat. I even did my own study from GISTEMP data here, showing a potential for soot as a warming accelerator. Perhaps COP16 should be about soot & particulate reduction? Nice health care kicker.
Major GMO crop blights. Some GMO crops will experience catastrophic disease, pest and weed infestations due to lack of genetic diversity. In case you're wondering, in the U.S., GMO accounts for upwards of 90% of soy, 60% of cotton, and 50% of corn. This will send shock-waves throug…