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Podcast on Venture Capital and Crowd Funding

I was recently featured on a GrowVC podcast regarding the state of affairs with Venture Capital, and talked a lot about the trend towards crowd-facilitated startup creation & crowd-funding in general.

The talk turned out really well, I encourage you to give it a listen.

Disclosure: no positions

App drag-and-drop between devices: cross-device continuity is the future of the UI

The next "killer app" across all forms of end-user devices (smart-phones, tablets, HDTVs, PCs, etc) is the ability to "drag-and-drop" any application between any device, giving a seamless and continuous UI experience.  In effect, this mobilizes mobile and web apps, and makes all devices which a given user interfaces with, part of an overall continuous UI tapestry.

A quick look at the the direction in HDTVs, sets the stage for this next wave of UI innovation.  An important trend in newer model HDTVs is to offer apps/widgets, which can be downloaded/upgraded from an online "app store" as needed.  You name it: video Skype, Hulu, Netflix, Twitter, whatever.  Whether these be native apps or "web apps", they ought to evoke parallels to every other modern type of mobile or desktop platform.  What's occurring is none other than a convergence of end-user platforms, each with their own strengths.  But the key is that many of the same apps are offered …

Pixel Qi game-changer: transforms tablets & portables into a Kindle!

If you ever wished that screens on tablets (iPad, Android, etc) could switch to a Kindle-like e-paper mode (for power savings, ease of reading), yet still have all the benefits of standard LCD for power browsing & apps, early seasons greetings!  The startup Pixel Qi, in some ways a spin-off from the OLPC project, is demoing it's trans-reflective (transmissive-reflective hybrid) screens at Computex 2010 and is nearing production, outsourced at major production facilities.

When there's enough ambient light, the screens can act in a passive reflective mode, much like e-paper devices such as the Kindle from Amazon (AMZN).  This is great for a high-resolution black & white mode that can operate even in strong outdoor sunlight, enhanced with a form of "color hinting".  But they can also operate in a more familiar active back-lit chromatic mode of LCDs.

This is a real game-changer for nearly every type of mobile device, but especially for transforming the future of …