Bumping apps between smartphones: note to Apple/Google et al

Bump for iPhone or Android shows how powerful and convenient it can be, exchanging info between mobile devices of willing parties.  So why not "bump" apps too?

At a recent Mobile Monday networking event in San Francisco, the panel talked quite a bit about various themes to get traction for an app, all which focused on online techniques (virality, getting featured, targeting, etc).

So where're the killer traction techniques which involve physical presence?  It was ironic to be at a physical networking event, with an audience of people all having smartphones talking shop about apps, and no great way to conveniently share apps.  There's a real parallel here to an inefficiency that Bump solves for exchanging info -- it takes time and imposes a real disruption when you want to download an app which someone else exposes you to.  So a lot of people say they'll try out an app "later" and never do.  What would be really cool to see, is the concept of Bump applied to apps.  The sender selects one or more apps to "send", and the recipient ok's the downloads.  Rather than the app being transferred from device to device, it's actually downloaded from the relevant app store.  The devices wouldn't even have to be of the same platform or app store, as long as the app had releases for both.

This then opens up some interesting incentive models, like getting commissions on sales of apps (for instigating downloads of paid apps), or a percentage of use driven sales (like advertising).  This might be especially attractive, if the pay-outs where higher to the earlier bumpers.

So a note to Apple, Google, RIM, other mobile platform vendors (or perhaps a mobile app startup), how about app bumping to unlock the power of physical networking for app traction?  And to all, could it be possible to make a living spotting high potential apps early, and becoming a "power bumper"?

Disclosure: no positions