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I'll be at Incubate 2.0; there's a crowdfunding panel!

I'm excited that Incubate 2.0, held during Global Entrepreneurship Week, has a special panel focusing on crowdfunding, moderated by Robert Scoble.  I'll be attending the event and networking; if you want to chat, drop me a note or catch me at the event.  The crowdfunding panel is on Day 1 (Nov 17th) at 2:30 pm.  I may have a few copies of my new paperback book on crowdfunding, to hand out.

Below are the event details, verbatim from Incubate 2.0.

Disclosure: no positions

Whether you are running a local incubator, building an angel network or in charge of an economic development agency, your main problem is: How do I help my entrepreneurs succeed?

Incubate 2.0 brings you answers.

Over the last decade, entrepreneurs have not only created successful businesses but applied their understanding of technology, their vision of the future, and their passion for growth to help fellow entrepreneurs. The innovations that entrepreneurs have created for each…