2nd Edition of The Crowdfunding Revolution available!

Two years from our self-published 1st Edition, we are excited to announce the launch of the 2nd Edition of The Crowdfunding Revolution with our publisher, McGraw-Hill!

It's been quite a journey that's taken us so many places, from the blogosphere to the White House.  This is a book, wrought not just from our hearts & souls, but from the synthesis of a wide spectrum of research across many disciplines, such as sociology, venture finance, economics, entrepreneurism, and social networking.  And as much so, from our interactions with leaders, users, researchers and political figures active throughout the crowdfunding space.

It is our incredible honor to participate in what is only the beginning of a powerful revolution in finance; one which will play a defining role in unlocking the potentials of achievement for the human race.  As we look around us, the entire international finance & economics scene is in flames, an inevitable outcome from a system which has no soul.  But the revolution in crowdfunding brings us a natural and culturally organic alternative.

It is perhaps, one of the most powerful developments in our modern-day socio-economics, and promises both to transform the capital formation landscape and to offer an avenue for a creative and intellectual re-birth.  Crowdfunding is after all, an expression of our collective human will, and ties together true forms of human economic activity such as contribution, participation and co-creation, along with our current system of capital.  The World is waking up quickly to crowdfunding; tomorrow's crowdfunding won't necessarily look like today's.  We hope that you find our contributions valuable.  And look forward to co-creating our future with you.

Kevin Lawton & Dan Marom