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Beyond the Bitcoin Trap: a Crypto Currency for Human 2.0 (new Kindle Short just published)

My new Kindle Short ebook, Beyond the Bitcoin Trap: a Crypto Currency for Human 2.0, is now published. Bitcoin and other contemporary cryptocurrencies effectively have centralized currency creation and are scarcity-based.  Thus they create negative-sum economics (characterized by conflict, war, poverty, genocide, etc.)  Despite the rhetoric, Bitcoin and the rest are little more than the old currency system in digital drag.  As in all technological trends, a crop of nouveau riche are created.  Thereafter, people in poverty and people born into the system after cryptocurrency prices have matured are in the same situation as before.  What have we really accomplished?  What currency will take us through the Age of Automation, as swaths of current occupations become irrelevant?

This ebook, designed to be readable in one sitting, outlines the failed currency and cryptocurrency systems we have and explains the high-level view of a cryptocurrency model characterized by truly decentralized cur…