Mandatory law/bill tracking in github-like site from inception, including full attribution. #bigidea

Obviously, Congress is not writing most of the bills that become law.  The people have little way to find out what special interests are writing them, sometimes in the thousands of pages.

We can look into a project on github and see exactly who introduced every change to a project, when they introduced it and how big each change was.  So why are we not mandating the same for the evolution of laws, all the way from inception through bill on to being signed as law?

On github alone, over 24 million people from more than 200 countries engaged in projects across more than 25 million repositories.  It's hard to fathom that governments do not mandate similar transparency of law creation, down to every single change made.  And with full attribution; changes are not to be signed off only by some proxy, but all involved parties need to be attributed for every single contribution they make.  In other words, one could not combine a big swath of changes from many parties and check it in by one proxy party -- rather the contributions from each party would have to be properly attributed.

This is an idea that should have been implemented 20 years ago.  But be that as it may, let's get it done.  And make it the standard in every country.

I hope you enjoyed my #bigidea and are inspired to either work on something similar or surface your own ideas.  The World needs solutions.